Feel your heart, take care of it

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Feel your heart is an initiative by Coca-Cola light aiming to educate women on taking care of their heart's health. To help rise funds for this cause, Coca-Cola light has partnered with Greek fashion brand BSB for the creation of the scarf you see below.

fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light scarf

The scarf costs 19, it is made of pure cotton - perfect for summer nights - and you can find it in all BSB shops. But most importantly, all the proceeds from its sales of the scarf will go towards the EELIA foundation,  to help the cause of this initiative.

So, on Tuesday we found ourselves invited at the BSB headquarters, for the presentation of the final design that we fashion bloggers helped chose.

Look who else was there:
fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb thalia
fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb elena
fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb dkalo
fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb lopi elena
[pic stolen from Thalia's post]

fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb christina
fashionarchitect.net coca-cola light bsb bathroom
More info at niosetinkardiasou.gr

Gimme sandals

fashionarchitect.net blanco sandals summer 2012 1
fashionarchitect.net blanco sandals summer 2012 2
fashionarchitect.net blanco sandals summer 2012 3fashionarchitect.net blanco sandals summer 2012 4
fashionarchitect.net blanco sandals summer 2012 5

New sandals from Blanco.
Now, can it please stop raining already so I can wear them?


Architecture, Art and Design employ pioneering means to help promote a social and environmental awareness.

The Exhibition Ecosmosis that will take place at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre from the 30th of May to the 30th of June, brings to a close the Against All Odds series of actions and events under the title Ethics / Aesthetics.

The opening of the exhibition takes place today, Tuesday May, 29th and will also include Absolut Athens Think-Tank Awards, an honoring event sponsored by Absolut, for the Greek and international students that participated in the AAO's academic workshops.

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center
Pireos Street 254, Tavros
May 30 – June 30, 2012

More info at aaoproject.org


fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 4
fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 6
fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 5
fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 2
fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 3
fashionarchitect.net prigkipo 1

Prigkipo sells her beautiful trinkets on Etsy, but if you live in Athens, you can also find her today at Athens Video Art Festival on Agias Irinis Sq.

Look at the new finger bling I scored yesterday here.

H&M's collections for a cause

fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 01
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 02
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 03
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 04
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 05
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 06
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 07
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 08
fashionarchitect.net hm spring 2012 09
H&M Fashion Against AIDS, Wateraid and Conscious collections. Fast fashion is trying to do better, and Guardian is also noticing.

Take your birds to work

fashionarchitect.net blanco birds 1
fashionarchitect.net blanco birds 3
fashionarchitect.net blanco birds 4
fashionarchitect.net blanco birds 5
Bird-print top, BLANCO. Maroon pencil skirt, ZARA. Black pumps, Eliza Bit.

Work outfit. These days I seem to live in pencil skirts and carrot pants paired with button-downs and blouses.

Still can't manage heels everyday. Working on it.

Early sandals

fashionarchitect.net bershka shoes 1
fashionarchitect.net bershka shoes 2
fashionarchitect.net bershka shoes 5
New sandals from Bershka.

I don't care if the weather is shit, I'm wearing them tonight.

Four years here

fashionarchitect.net fashion blogs book 1
I almost forgot that April 10th is my blog birthday.

Every year I chose a different way to celebrate.
First year this, second year this, third year this.

This year - taking in consideration the fact my time is very limited - I chose to celebrate with all the press that I failed to include in my press page this past year.
fashionarchitect.net fashion blogs book 2
fashionarchitect.net fashion blogs book 3
Featured in the Fashion Blogs book.

Huffington Stylelist
Featured on Stylelist on a denim shirts piece by Wendy Brandes.

fashionarchitect.net lush canada cover
fashionarchitect.net lush canada textfashionarchitect.net lush canada page
Featured on Lush Luxury magazine from Canada, on a piece about fashion and architecture.

I am extremely grateful for all the things this blog has brought to me, during this and all the previous years. But most of all, I'm grateful for all the friendships I made through it.
Thank you!

Georgina Skalidi at Fashion Room Service

fashionarchitect.net fashion room service georgina skalidi 3
fashionarchitect.net fashion room service georgina skalidi 2
fashionarchitect.net fashion room service georgina skalidi 1
Don't make me re-introduce Georgina Skalidi and her cute-yet-quirky and handmade in Greece clutch bags. This is her room at The Fashion Room Service, a couple of weeks ago.

Pardon her french


Fashion and technology, with a sexy french accent. If you haven't watched Garance's video yet, please do.

SOMF at The Fashion Room Service

fashionarchitect.net fashion room service SOMF 1
fashionarchitect.net fashion room service SOMF 2
fashionarchitect.net fashion room service SOMF 3
fashionarchitect.net fashion room service SOMF 4
I haven't been around wearesomf.com for quite a while, and I just did, while preparing this post. OMG, what a great job the girls have done, both on the website and the new collection.

fashionarchitect.net fashion room service SOMF 5
Despina and the SOMF girls, Mariaflora and Olivia.