Ok, my list of favourite Spanish shoe designers/brands is growing bigger by the moment. First there was Camper and Wonders, then Japanese-born-yet-living-in-Spain Chie Mihara, then Vialis, and now it's another young woman of Spanish origins, who has stole my shoe-loving heart. Her name is Maloles.
Some info first:
The French shoe and accessory brand was founded in 2004 by Spanish shoe lover Maloles Miracosta-Antignac. Growing up in Alicante, the heart of Spain’s footwear industry, she often raided her grandmother’s vast collection and ardently browsed flea markets for 1920s tap shoes.

The Maloles shoe line is feminine, fun and comfortable. The shoes are crafted in Spain from the finest Italian leathers. Maloles make you smile every time you look at them because they are so sweet, cute and girly. It is luxury that always remains affordable.

[via Finnish boutique My o My]
Some obligatory eye candy:

Maloles may mostly be famous for her ballet flats, including models Georges and Zoé, which are now considered classic, but she delivers amazingly comfy and stylish heels too!

Anyway, as you might remember, the model I recently got from second-hand designer boutique BOHBO was a version of the Zoé ballet flat, which is made by gathering the leather on top of the toes in small pleats, to create the front of the shoe. Maloles' most iconic design till today.

Women with wide feet might be particularly interested in this model, as the ribbon that holds the pleats together can actually be re-tied a bit looser, to make a more space in the front of the shoe for tootsies. As they weren't soft enough already. (Personal opinion: They are.)

And why am I bringing all this up now? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything! I'm just trying to justify my ordering another pair of Maloles Zoé flats online a few days ago...

So that's just a teaser. Newly received shoes will be posted soon!