Four years here fashion blogs book 1
I almost forgot that April 10th is my blog birthday.

Every year I chose a different way to celebrate.
First year this, second year this, third year this.

This year - taking in consideration the fact my time is very limited - I chose to celebrate with all the press that I failed to include in my press page this past year. fashion blogs book 2 fashion blogs book 3
Featured in the Fashion Blogs book.

Huffington Stylelist
Featured on Stylelist on a denim shirts piece by Wendy Brandes. lush canada cover lush canada lush canada page
Featured on Lush Luxury magazine from Canada, on a piece about fashion and architecture.

I am extremely grateful for all the things this blog has brought to me, during this and all the previous years. But most of all, I'm grateful for all the friendships I made through it.
Thank you!