Glamour Fashion Face Off

Better late than never, as they say... Well girls, those of you living in Greece, if you haven't got your copy of July Glamour magazine yet, you'd better hurry up! It's not gonna wait forever, you know.

Now with more bloggers inside, wearing their Glamour t-shirts with style!

More specifically (from bottom left and clockwise) Queen B, Nina Mavalda, Life Full of Fashion, Alecca Rox, StyleForStyle, The Soho Symposium, and yours trully!

But this isn't all!
The must-read of this issue was the Fashion Face-Off between two fashionistas extraordinaires: Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham. Well, not the actual celebrities, but their signature styles.

Fearless Glamour editor Danai walked the streets of downtown Athens for one day, dressed as Paris and Posh, and the amazing Glamour reporter Amalia kept up with what people had to say.

Well, one of those people was me!

Even though the header said "the expert's opinion", I don't exactly consider myself that...

...but I did have an opinion! Read all about it in this issue, or watch the hilarious video below.

Glamour's Epic Fashion Face Off:
Victoria Beckham Vs Paris Hilton
Danai Christopoulou rises to the challenge, Amalia Agathou asks the tough Qs. YOU name the winner! The expert : Penelopy,
I'm on at 4:20!!!!

UPDATE: Here's the much-awaited translation of the red column in the article featuring my sayings!
The expert's point of view

Our favourite fashion blogger (, Penelopy (follow her on twitter @lopilopi) came all the way downtown to Kolonaki to give us her opinion of the two looks.

"From Paris Hilton's look I would adopt the fuschia colour, but in a much smaller quantity, it was kind of a hot pink overdose. From Victoria's look I would steal her perfect dress. Although she took it to the other extreme, her look was total black! The problem Victoria would definitely face in Athens streets is walking on the wobbly sidewalks in her super high heels. I guess hers is the ideal look only if you have a personal driver to get around town! My fashion icons are girls like Rachel Bilson and Natalie Portman, who dress stylish but a simple and understated way and are never over the top. At ermoumag we are planning to do a series of articles on how to adopt your favourite fashion icon's style without the celebrity budget."
Thanks Amalia, once again, for the amazing opportunity!