The Inevitable

Well, I may have gone to Volos for totally non-fashion related reasons, but my dear friends Archo and Virginia presented their final thesis last week, and we had to do some celebratory shopping! Nothing big though, just those five things you see above: A tomato-red strapless top, a tropical print green top, a pair of slouchy black shorts (I bought them at least one size up, 'cause short AND tight ain't a good look) and two simple sweaters in teal and grey. Sweaters you say? In summer? Well, I like to be prepared for all these chilly, windy nights when I'll be sipping cocktails in my friendly neighborhood sea-side bar on the island. And I love wearing shorts with long-sleeved tops!

Personal quirk, what can I say?

But I didn't just shop for clothes. No sir! I also got myself an album I've been meaning to buy for quite some time now, "The Incredible, The Invisible" by amazing Greek soul and funk diva Sugahspank!. Right now I'm listening to track #3, "Kill the bitch u got in ya". My definite favourite though, is the amazingly sexy "Blush?". Those of you who never heard of her before, do check out her music on MySpace and you'll know what I mean! (Lucia, thanks for the idea of combining clothes with music! Very inspirational!)

And now, after those few strategic buys, I believe that I'm ready for summer!