Giving you an Insight

Hey girls! Do you ever happen to see something you absolutely love and want, only to realize it's actually menswear?

Meet the Topsy Turvy t-shirt, from Insight's artist collaboration line. This one in particular, is printed with artwork by Justin Lee Williams. Just do a google image search with his name - it will leave you speechless.

Well, a mens t-shirt? Who cares? I wanted it! And getting it for free for helping with a project didn't hurt either... Thanks for that Athlorama Sports and Dimosthenis!

Anyway, looks like it was fate for me and the Insight t-shirt to meet, because a few weeks after that, I got a newsletter from an online boutique, saying they were having a huge sale on all their womens Insight clothes. In other words, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Let me just say, I got four items in total and I'll leave you with that for now. Big post coming next, featuring all my newly delivered goodies.

If my camera decides to behave, that is...