Oh, well

This has to be a quickie post, so I'll be brief in my rant.
So many wonderful things are going on around the fashion blogging world and I'm stuck here studying. I mean, how freakin awesome was the Weardrobe Conference in New York? All the coolest fashion bloggers having a field trip. And the Fashion's Night Out events in all the big cities (had one here in Athens too) and, well, hello? NYeffingFY. Thank goodness Bryanboy is tweeting everything straight from the front row.

Well, what has to be done will be done.

But not before I say I few things:

My, oh, my. Aren't fashion bloggers finally getting it out there? I mean, Susie, Bryanboy, Rumi and Tavi where all the rage in the front row. And lo and behold, the Bloggers Take Up The Front Row article by InStyle.com and the Fashion's Secret Helpers article on the Wall Street Journal, for crying out loud. How freakin cool is that?
Keep 'em coming, please!

And thanks to Nenyaki's tweet, I have more fresh, fashion-blogger-friendly news to share: Fashion bloggers get their own changing rooms in Kfem department store in Sweden.
Yes sir!

Aaaaaand, the ever-lovely Rebecca of The Clothes Horse sent over some much-needed love, by mentioning me and our meet-up during last year's Athens Fashion Week in her recent interview over at Delightfully Tacky.
Thanks darling!

That's about all, but before I end this brief whatever, who's in for some free music? More specifically an amazing mp3 mixtape by one of the most talented musicians I know. My dear friend Larry Gus just released the Weathers Mixtape as a prequel to his upcoming album and you can download it for FREE. Yeah for great music!

Ok, I got it all out of my system, so this is where I stop ranting and bury my nose back into my desk. See ya...

Oh, and kids, don't you ever forget that rudeness and disrespect are never in vogue. Yes Kanye, I mean you. You made the whole world cringe, including Beyoncé. Now please make yourself disappear and don't forget to take Amber Rose's fluo string bikini and the CAPS LOCK key along with you. They're both hurting my eyes.