10 things you don't know about me

Tagged by Natalie of Naked Tile. I've already done a 5-random-things version before, so I may repeat a couple of things.
Here it goes:

1. I can't use nail polish. It's a personal quirk. My nails feel like they're suffocating when I try to, so I quit trying a long time ago.
2. I was one of the first kids in junior high to get a mobile phone (overprotective parents who wanted to know my whereabouts) and one of the last to start wearing sunglasses. I used to hate wearing them.

3. Many of my guy friends like to call me McGyver or Bob the Builder because I love fixing things up and finding solutions to technical problems. Although now that I think about it, owning a proper tool case, complete with a power drill and a sander, must have had something to do with it too.

4. I can't play cards, charades, any board or electronic games without getting bored instantly, with the exceptions of Tetris and Trivial Pursuit. I'd also love to try Twister one day.

5. I really like watching football (soccer for Americans), preferably with the boyfriend and/or friends. I would love to be able to play as well, but being a girl, the boys never picked me for their team...

6. ...but I can't pair football-watching with beer. I gave the yellow thing lots of chances to prove itself, but I recently decided that I just hate the taste of it!

7. Weird as it may sound, I also don't like ice-cream, cake, chocolate, candy or any sweet stuff in general. My taste buds get sweetness overload after just one spoonful of the stuff.

As big as my clothes and shoes collection might be, I love my book collection even more. My over-stuffed black EXPEDIT is my baby.
9. I never read the horoscope in magazines. No, not even a glimpse. My friends think that's weird.

10. I'm not afraid of cockroaches. Not that I love them or anything, I'm just able spot and kill them without batting an eyelid. Same with snakes, only I don't kill them. And I find mice too cute. But, I get totally petrified just by seeing a tarantula printed on a magazine. Seriously, I can't even touch the paper.

And yes, this is my hand holding a baby mouse I found in the garden this summer.
Thanks for the tag Natalie, and sorry it took so long. Procrastinator, you see...

[all pictures mine, except Bob the Builder]