Faltso shopping

No trip back home in Samos is complete without a visit - or several - to my favourite little shop, FALTSO boutique. This time, I tried on a perfectly laid-back maxi dress by A.L.E. but I chickened out of buying for two reasons: Firstly, I really can't think of any time or place where I could rock a maxi dress at this time in my life. Secondly, my profile view looked heavily pregnant.
I seriously *need* waist definition to look good.
Much unlike Eva, the boutique owner, who rocks any shape or style. I mean, I also tried on the BADILA dress she's wearing right here in this picture, and I looked even more pregnant than with the A.L.E. one! Contrary to Eva, who always looks perfect. I'm actually talking her into starting her own blog, as I believe all her outfits are worth documenting. The first step was made and faltso.blogspot.com is already running. Now, all we have to do is wait for the some outfit pictures... Can't wait!

Of course, I didn't leave the shop empty-handed. No way sir! But that will be a post on its own...