Blue and green and a little kitten

New flip-flops from Accessorize.

New multi-coloured necklace, Accessorize (on sale). Green tank top, H&M. Blue backpack, ALDO. Off-white skirt, ZARA. Leather belt, Massimo Dutti. White-rimmed aviators, Von Zipper.

Kitten, stray.

Oh my, what a horrible blogger I've been, right?
Well, you can see my excuse directly above. My sister and I found this little kitten in our yard last Wednesday, the day we flew back to Samos. With our luggage, this time. We haven't decided yet on the little one's name, so if you know any cool male kitten names, then by all means, fire away!

Oh, and I've been too lazy to edit all of the pictures I want to show you from Amsterdam. If you still want to see some, I'll get to it this week, promise!