Closet zombies

Strippy top, PULL & BEAR. Skirt, ZARA. Ballerina flats, Camper. Grey scarf, H&M.

I love that skirt!
You know, it was ond of those pieces that you fall in love with, you buy them, hang them in your closet and after one year, they're still there, in the same place, tags hanging and all. Not one of our proudest moments, right? I got this skirt a couple of years ago and I only started wearing it these past few days. And you know why? Because, before, I just wasn't used to wearing skirts that high up my waist. And now that gave in, I just can't stop!
So, don't give up on those closet-zombies. Dig them out and give them a try. You might discover one of your new favourite pieces.