Volos couture

Missing: One blogger, medium height, medium build, likes to wear high-waist skirts. Last seen wearing a lilac dress. Yup, I totally take the blame for being absent all those past days. Some of you, those who know me a bit better, might have already guessed it. Yes, I was in Volos once again, visiting a certain special someone... And for once again, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

But, I came back home with news! A new shop has opened in Volos, under the name of famous Greek clothes and accessories designer Katerina Karoussos. I had attended the Katerina Karoussos SS2009 fashion show back in October, and I was very impressed. Katerina is an expert in unapologetically glamorous, old-school 40's fashion, made to appeal to the woman of today.

Her hats are always a conversation starter.

And the shoes that accompany the outfits on the window are by Greek shoe-maker extraordinaire Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias, of aclaimed accessories brand Zoulias Old Athens.

The shop itself looks utterly luxurious.

The only regret I have is that I came upon it on a Sunday afternoon, when it was closed. I would have loved to pop inside and ask a zillion questions, like how affordable are all these wonderful things I saw in the window, what kind of women shop there and how come they decided to open a shop like this in Volos.

If you live in Volos, do visit the shop and answer some of those questions! It is on Glavani st, right off Ermou, opposite to St. Nikolaos square. What do you think? Isn't it amazing that in hard times like this, people aren't afraid to invest in fashion?