It's not your fault, dear flamingo

Sunday should officially be declared as "Online Shopping day".
So here I am, wasting some time at Urban Outfitters after seeing Rebecca's amazing new UO dress in her latest post, and my eyes fell upon this little cutie:

Flamingo Bag Charm by Luella, was £55.00, now £39.99.

Cute and a bargain.
Now, lets take a look at their shipping policy, I said to myself.

If I was in mainland UK, that would be £4.99.
If I was living in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany or Luxembourg, it would be £10.95.
Italy or Spain, £12.95.
Finland, Portugal, Denmark or Sweden, £15.95.
And finally, for Norway, Switzerland and Greece, the delivery cost is £39.95.

Thirty-nine fucking pounds and ninety-five bloody pennies.

I have to pay twice the price of the merchandise (which is obviously really tiny and lightweight) to have it delivered from the UK to another European Union country? Can someone please explain, cause I'm busy cursing right now?