Strippy polo

Strippy polo shirt, ZARA. Cream cotton skirt, ZARA. Leather and metal belt, Massimo Dutti. Brown sporty leather flats, ZARA. Grey scarf, H&M. White-rimmed aviators, Von Zipper.

This is my favourite summer skirt. Short enough to wear during the warmest days of summer and long enough for me to sit down on the train, without having my legs touch that filthy, scratchy seats (I'm not an hypochondriac, really). And it goes with about everything else in my wardrobe. If I remember correctly, it was a bit darker when I bought it two years ago, but after a zillion washes, I should be happy it hasn't fallen apart.
I am happy, actually.

Anyway, I have quite a few days' worth of outfit pictures from last week, which I have yet to post, along with several new buys from both Greece and Romania, so expect a multitude of posts.

Oh, and you have a few more hours to enter my Attrattivo give-away, so comment while you can!
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