Hot pink, slate grey and second hand shopping

This is a post totally dedicated to my latest new buys! Just to make one thing clear, I didn't buy all these at once, every little thing has its own story. Let me elaborate...

My new peep-toe flats in slate grey patent. Found myself browsing through H&M one morning, and my eye stopped on them. They where €12,95. I was sold.

Next, we have a simple hot pink cotton skirt, also from H&M. Don't remember the exact price, but it was quite a bargain, too. Because, let's face it, who doesn't need a simple hot pink cotton skirt, right? Jokes aside, I find this will come in quite handy when I want to create a simple, cool summer outfit with just a top and a skirt, and then liven it up with some accessories. I'm thinking of doing a remix post on the ways I can wear it. We'll see..

And here we have one of my Bucharest trip buys, my new grey ALDO bag. I love grey accessories and this is a perfect shade, plus the gold hardware makes it a bit more grown-up, for when I want to look more like a laydee.

It's not real leather, but the quality of its construction makes up for it. This and the amazing pink praisley-print satin interior. God is in the details!

The pièce de résistance, the one I already talked about in this post by Shopping Therapy, my new fuschia strapless fitted dress. Perfect fit, cute colour and an extra pair of straps in case I feel like I need more support, all for just €29, 90. Well, thank you H&M! Now, all I need is an occasion to wear it...
And last, but definitely not least, a pair of Maloles metallic grey ballerina flats. Another pair of flats, you may ask? Well, I see a Maloles pair of flats as an investment.

I will explain more about the company and their shoe-making philosophy in one of my following posts, but for now let me just say that a pair of Zoe ballerina flats, like the ones I got here, retail for over €250. Ouch!

So, how did I get them? Cause I sure as hell didn't pay that much, even though I believe their quality quite justifies the asking price.

Well, my secret is called BOHBO.

I discovered that little second-hand designer goods shop recently, when I covered it as shop of the week for ermoumag. And people, I got hooked! I may not be a labels girl, but one can find some serious bargains in there, including these babies above, which I got for a mere €40. Used yes, but in perfect condition. And it couldn't be any other way, as Mandica, the owner of BOHBO, only brings in items in perfect condition. Do read my shop of the week coverage (in English here) as well as the interview Mandica gave for ermoumag, where she shares lots of fun trivia about the merchandise, her clients and her own thrifting adventures abroad, before she came to Greece and decided to open BOHBO.

So, Greek readers, I'm basically asking you: What do you think of second hand shopping? Granted, here in Greece there are not many second hand shops, designer or not. Moreover, second hand shopping is still considered a taboo in our country. I've already talked about this, in one of my first ever posts, back in April 2008.

More specifically, after you check out the BOBHO shop and Mandica's philosophy I'd love for you to tell me, would you shop there, like I did? Do you shop in other second hand shops in Athens? Do you have any to recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!